Close call for Middleton Police after suspected drunk driver crashes into squad cars

Middleton Squad Web

MIDDLETON, Wis. — The Middleton Police Department is releasing pictures and video from a close call early Sunday morning, when a suspected drunk driver crashed into a squad car holding a different suspected drunk driver during a traffic stop.

Officers had pulled a driver over at North Gammon Road near Fiskdale Circle just before 1:30 a.m. Sunday and put that person in the back of one of two squad cars on scene after arresting them for Operating While Intoxicated. Police say that’s when another car crashed into the back of the squad car holding the arrested person.

The crash caused a chain reaction, pushing one of the squad cars into the other.

The officers on scene were talking to a passenger in the original car at the time and weren’t hurt. The arrested person in the back of the squad car was taken to the hospital to be evaluated, but no serious injuries were reported.

One of the squad cars was significantly damaged, while the other had minor damage.

Middleton police released a short video clip from one of the squad cars involved.

Madison police also responded to the scene to assist Middleton police and say the 45-year-old man who crashed into the squad car also faces tentative child neglect charges because a 10-year-old was in his car at the time he was allegedly driving drunk.