Clinic provides free medical services to needy

Clinic provides free medical services to needy

Free dental and medical professionals were able to help hundreds Saturday morning thanks the non-profit organization Touched Twice Madison.

Along with more critical procedures, other services like massages, chiropractic help, and hot meals were also offered to locals in need.

Indeed, for those who attended the event, something as simple as a new hair cut made a big difference.

Linda Dahl was one who experienced the healing power of touch at Saturday’s event in the form of a much-needed back alignment.

Living on a fixed income, Dahl said seeing a chiropractor isn’t something she can typically afford.

“That was marvelous,” Dahl said, adding, “I’m on disability, and when I get my check, and by the time you do all your bills you don’t have much money.”

Back alignments wasn’t the only service those attending the event could take advantage of.


“We have dental care, medical care, chiropractic care, massage, facials, food pantry, family portraits, clothes,” said Felicia Pendleton, a clinic coordinator with Touched Twice Madson. “The list goes on, and it’s all for free.”

Pendleton said that in addition to meeting families’ physical needs, Touched Twice wanted to make sure attendees left being spiritually fed as well.

“You get touched spiritually, we offer prayer and counseling,” said Pendleton.

Pendleton added that it takes more than 400 volunteers to pull off an event like Saturday’s, including the professionals who donate their time.

She said it’s a sign of the times that the face of the needy has changed.

“The family whose breadwinner got laid off, now their suffering,” said Pendleton. “Needy is a mother passed away and now they’re suffering. But needy is also still the homeless.”

More than 600 people came to Calvary Gospel Church at 5301 Commercial Ave. to receive free services on Saturday.

Having survived a heart attack just two weeks ago, Linda Dahl said she’s happy just to be alive.

With a new lease on life, the 55-year-old can’t wait to show off her stylish new hair cut thanks to Touched Twice Madison.

“I feel younger,” exclaimed Dahl. “I feel like I have more life to me.”

Organizers reported that the free dental care is their most popular service and that families began lining up on Friday night just to be seen.

For more information on Touched Twice Madison, head to their web site.