Clerks issue 206K absentee votes in recall

Election set for Tuesday
Absentee ballots
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State election officials say local clerks have issued at least 206,000 absentee ballots for Tuesday’s recall elections.

Democrats have forced Republican Gov. Scott Walker and four other GOP officeholders into recalls as payback for passing a polarizing law last year that all but ended most public workers’ collective bargaining rights. Walker faces Democrat Tom Barrett Tuesday in a rematch of the 2010 gubernatorial contest.

Voters cast 231,000 absentee ballots in that race. According to the state Government Accountability Board, local clerks that use a statewide computer system to track absentee voting have issued 206,128 ballots this time.

The actual number of ballots issued is probably much higher. Only a third of clerks use the tracking software and they’ll keep adding data beyond the election.