Clean Plan For Clean Lakes

Cleak Lakes Alliance ups the ante again.
Clean Plan For Clean Lakes



The Clean Lakes Alliance continues to up the ante on improving the quality of the Yahara watershed and chain of lakes, and last week they did it again. The non-profit organization of business leaders, property owners, environmentalists and concerned citizens unveiled a 78-Million dollar plan to reduce phosphorus runoff by 50 percent in 12 years.

It’s an ambitious plan with a big price tag. But most of the money will come from private financing, fundraising, and some federal grants, and the payoff, both in terms of cost savings over more conventional methods of treating runoff, and of keeping the lakes attractive to events like Ironman, is worth every penny.

Equally important, the Clean Lakes Alliance has proven that a public-private partnership with strong business community support may be the most effective vehicle for tackling an issue as big and important as cleaning up our lakes. We support the effort and welcome the investment.