Civilian crime stoppers help resolve Madison theft

Civilian crime stoppers help resolve Madison theft

The Guardian Angels have been a fixture in Madison for quite some time, but don’t often get recognized.
Madison Police are crediting the Madison Chapter of the Guardian Angels with helping solve a theft over the weekend.

There are angels among us, but instead of white feathered wings on their backs they wear red berets on their heads. The group of about five men belong to the Madison chapter Guardian Angel chapter of the international nonprofit. They spend their weekend nights working to spot or prevent crime from happening.

“Oftentimes there’s at least a handful of things going on and busy nights we are kind of running from one spot to the other and kind of following the chaos,” Joe Oakland the chapter leader of Guardian Angels said.

They’ve been patrolling the downtown for years, but got more recognition after finding three stolen wallets this weekend on Gilman St.

“There was a large group of guys hanging out here so when we walked by and saw the women’s wallets in this planter here, we knew they didn’t belong to the guys that were here,” Oakland said.

By looking at the IDs, they were able to return one wallet to a woman nearby the rest were given to the police.

The group said they were just doing what they always do. It hopes this extra attention will help put a few more angels on their side.

“We are definitely looking for more recruits in the Madison area to help us out and help keep people safe,” Oakland said.
Madison Police Chief Mike Koval said the Guardian Angels have been helpful partners in combating crime in Madison.