City wants Union Corners back on tax roll

City looking for developer to buy property, build
City wants Union Corners back on tax roll

Part of the plan to revitalize the East Washington Avenue area includes working on Union Corners property located on the city’s East Side.

City officials bought the 11-acre property about three years ago after the economy took a toll on the development plans.

Officials’ goal now is to have a developer buy the property, located on the southwest corner of East Washington Avenue and Milwaukee Street, and come up with a plan for its future.

“Sitting empty and off the tax rolls, it’s not doing anybody any good,” said Mark Clear, District 19 alder. “As soon as (it’s) practical, we want to get it back into the tax rolls and into some useful development.”

On Thursday night, the Madison Union Corners Committee finalized requests for proposals. The proposals will now be sent to developers to see how much they’d buy the land for and what they’d do with it.