City, town of Beloit to share fire chief

Beloit Fire Department could lose three firefighters after federal grant ends

BELOIT, Wis. — The city of Beloit and the town of Beloit will share a fire chief and fire investigation services under a new agreement approved Monday.

According to a release, the intergovernmental agreement allows the communities to share services in a “fiscally responsible manner while continuing to provide a high level of service to residents in both jurisdictions.”

The release said the two fire departments will remain separate and will not be merged together.

“We look forward to working with the city to provide the best service for both communities,” said Town Chair Tammy Maegli. “Not only is this partnership good for the Town of Beloit community, Chief Pease’s progressive leadership will be a tremendous benefit for all of our firefighters.”

The city and town respond to each other’s communities using automatic vehicle location to dispatch the closest unit to the emergency.

“Emergencies do not know boundary lines, and my goal as fire chief is to ensure our communities are being served by firefighters and medical personnel who have the same training and capabilities regardless of the uniform’s patch,” said Fire Chief Dan Pease. “I sincerely thank the Town of Beloit for the opportunity for regional collaboration.”

Pease will report to the town administrator starting Tuesday. All significant expenditures or changes to equipment for the town of Beloit Fire Department will require the town board’s approval. It will also fund 25% of the fire chief’s salary.

The town will be able to use city of Beloit fire investigators to determine cause and origin of fires.