City to drivers: Be alert for upcoming west side road construction

City to drivers: Be alert for upcoming west side road construction

Drivers can already find signs of construction on County Roads M and PD, but by Monday, they should expect more trucks and activity on the roadsides.

Construction will be ramping up as Phase 2 of the County Road M project begins.

When drivers hear the word “construction,” it’s hard to get revved up.

“I mean, it’s not good,” area delivery driver Jorge Fernandez said. “It’s just annoying … We go that way quite a bit.”

“Well, the road really needs it, but it’s kind of a big pain,” Monroe resident Denise Eichstadt said. “It’s my main way to work, so it’s kind of like, ‘Where do I go?'”

Those who frequent County Road M say traffic is already a hassle.

“It can get pretty bad,” Fernandez said. “If it’s going to ramp up more, I already have a hard time driving over there, so…”

“It’s certainly going to be ramping up,” Madison city engineer Chris Petykowski said, but he added that drivers won’t have to steer clear of the highway, because for the most part, the usual one lane in each direction will stay open.

“Generally, the road will stay the same as it is,” he said. “So there shouldn’t be too much for delays or anything like that.”

With trucks moving back and forth and added activity, Petykowski wants drivers be careful, but he says the project, which will add bike lanes, multiuse-paths and additional lanes to County Road M, will be worth the construction.

“There is a lot of traffic, not only on that street right now, but planned for the future with the growth that’s happened in Epic and planned growth on the west site of Madison,” he said.

“Adding more lanes would be great. It would be beneficial,” Eichstadt said. “I can see it needs to be done, but like I said, it’s kind of a pain.”

Phase 2 of construction is expected to start slowly next week and ramp up as spring continues. It’s set to be done by Nov. 15.

The complete project is expected to be finished in fall of 2019.