City paramedics help man who fell, finish shoveling his driveway

A pair of Madison city paramedics shoveled an east side man’s driveway after helping him up from a fall, officials said.

The Madison Fire Department said an 82-year-old resident on Cameo Lane slipped and fell while blowing snow outside his home Tuesday morning.

The man was sitting in the snow at the end of his driveway when the paramedics greeted him just before noon. His snowblower was running beside him. He told paramedics he wasn’t injured, he just needed help to get back on his feet. Paramedics turned off the snowblower and lifted the man. He insisted that he was OK and didn’t need medical attention.

The two paramedics escorted him back to his house so he could wait comfortably inside, the fire department said. Then one of them returned to the snowblower and the other grabbed a shovel. Together they removed the rest of the snow from the man’s driveway and sidewalks.

After clearing all the snow, they put the tools away, according to the report. They checked in with the man one last time before departing.