City officials share tips on how to report trees damaged by severe weather

A Tree Damaged By Severe Weather

MADISON, Wis. — City officials are sharing tips on how to deal with trees damaged by sever weather following a string of thunderstorms that passed through southern Wisconsin on Monday.

The city manages and maintains trees located on terraces between the sidewalk and the street. Anyone who sees a damaged tree near a road on public property should call the Streets Division’s Forestry section to deal with the tree.

If a tree on public property damages private property, residents can pursue a claim.

If a tree on private property is damaged, residents can contact Forestry to help clear debris that obstructs public spaces. The property owner is responsible for the cleanup of damage on private property.

Residents can reach Forestry at 608-266-4816 from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday. For after-hour calls, residents should call the non-emergency police number 608-255-2345.

If a tree falls on power lines residents should call Madison Gas & Electric at 608-252-7111.

More information about storm damage cleanup is available here.