City officials now accepting absentee ballot requests for 2020 elections

A generic voting sign

MADISON, Wis. — The city of Madison Clerk’s Office is now accepting requests for absentee ballot requests for the 2020 elections.

Before requesting an absentee ballot, officials recommend voters verify their registration at Voters with a Wisconsin driver license or Wisconsin ID card can update their registration online. Voters can also find voter registration forms at the front desk of every city of Madison agency, including all Madison Public Library locations.

Voters can submit absentee requests by visiting, using a form on the Clerk’s Office website, or sending a note to the Clerk’s Office. Requests must include a voter’s name, registration address, address to which the allot should be mailed and a copy or picture of voter ID.

While state law allows voters to submit absentee requests for up to a year at a time, voters who are confined to their homes because of age or a disability can submit a permanent absentee request to cover all future elections.

Absentee ballots are sent to the polls to be counted on Election Day. For an absentee ballot to count, it must be returned early enough to ensure the City Clerk’s Office gets it by Election Day. Additionally, the absentee envelope must be sealed, the voter must sign the envelope, the voter’s witness must sign the envelope and the witness address must be listed on the envelope.

Voters can track the status of their request at