City of Whitewater, local groups work to raise money for accessible merry-go-round

We Go Round Playground

WHITEWATER, Wis. — The Kiwanis Club and Whitewater Community Foundation are partnering with the city of Whitewater to raise money for a new piece of playground equipment at Starin Park.

The new piece of equipment, called a We-G0-Round, is a merry-go-round that was designed to allow wheeled mobility devices to comfortably fit so all children can use the equipment.

“A huge thank you goes to the Kiwanis Club for wanting to add this fun piece of equipment to Starin Park,” said Eric Boettcher, Parks and Recreation Director. “This new We-Go-Round will be a great addition allowing all children to participate and enjoy the playground. That is exactly what a playground should be, a place for everyone to enjoy their experience.”

The Whitewater Community Foundation established a fund that the community can donate to. Click here to donate.