City of Madison urges people to limit outdoor water use as drought continues

Brown Grass

MADISON, Wis. — Plenty of lawns across Madison are starting to look a little brown due to the lack of rain, but city officials are asking people to limit the amount of watering they’re doing to try to keep things green.

The city’s water utility put out a notice Friday afternoon asking people to voluntarily limit outdoor water use, due to the pressure the dry weather is putting on the city’s water supply.

They want people living in the city to follow some water conservation tips while drought conditions continue, including limiting the amount of water used when watering lawns and being mindful of when they water.

The city says it recommends avoiding watering during mid-day heat, because more water will evaporate in the middle of the day. They suggest watering earlier in the day when it’s cooler and using a timed sprinkler that shuts off automatically to avoid excess water. It’s also recommended to use a sprinkling can or hand-held hose to target smaller areas where using regular sprinkler would be a waste of water.

They also suggest keeping the grass on lawns taller and thicker, since taller grass will prevent additional evaporation.

The city referred residents to the UW Extension’s lawn watering guide for more advice.