City of Madison says no wipes are ‘flushable’

Madison Water Utility conservation program hits 1 billion gallons saved

MADISON, Wis. — While many people clean their homes during their COVID-19 self-quarantines, the City of Madison wants people to know that disinfectant disposable wipes should be thrown away.

In a news release Friday, the Engineering Division and Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District said there is no such thing as a ‘flushable’ wipe, even if the manufacturer says it is.

The release said the wipe products do not break down in the sewer system and can cause blockages in homes’ and sanitary sewer systems at the wastewater treatment plant.

Human waste and toilet paper and OK to flush. Paper towels, baby wipes, fats, oils, grease, dental floss, plastic wrappers, bandages, tampon applications, cat litter, cat waste and toys are not OK to flush.