City of Madison extends ‘Streatery’ Restaurant Relief Program to April 2022


MADISON, Wis.– The pandemic isn’t close to ending and neither is the city’s help for local businesses.

Madison restaurants can keep their tables and chairs in the street for awhile longer. The city extended it’s ‘Streatery’ Restaurant Relief Program to April 14, 2022.

“We’re still currently in a COVID crisis,” Street Vending Coordinator Meghan Blake-Horst said. “We’re not out into the recovery phase yet.”

With indoor capacity still limited to 25 percent in Madison and Dane County, the program gives restaurants the opportunity to seat customers in places they couldn’t before the pandemic.

“Whether it’s in their parking lot or on the sidewalks, streets, alleyways, we want to be creative and work with them,” Blake-Horst said.

The set ups are a common sight downtown, but Blake-Horst wants to involve the surrounding communities.

“We’re really hoping that we can outreach to neighborhoods and business districts throughout the city to let them know this program is for them, as well,” Blake-Horst said.

She said about ten restaurants stayed strong through the winter.

Settle Down Tavern is one of three restaurants currently occupying the parking spaces on Pinckney St. in Downtown Madison.

“The city gave us the opportunity to do what we do inside and just bring that right outside,” Settle Down Tavern owner and operator Ryan Huber said.

Huber created the Tundra Club, a rewards program for loyal customers in the winter months.

“It’s really a way for us to give back to people who sat outside with their snowsuits on and supported us through a really hard time,” Huber said.

With the program’s success so far, the city is considering turning the program from pandemic to permanent.

“Everybody wants it,” Huber said. “Every single person that sits here says this has to be a thing. You can’t take it away.”