City of Madison cancels Freakfest for second straight year

Freakfest announces music lineup
Photo by Flickr user Richard Hurd

MADISON, Wis. — Downtown Madison’s large Halloween celebration is being canceled for the second straight year due to coronavirus concerns, the city announced Friday.

Freakfest will once again not happen as local health officials are concerned about still-rising delta variant case numbers.

“As we work to keep residents in our community safe and healthy, it is common sense that there will be no City-sponsored Freakfest this year,” Mayor Rhodes-Conway said in a statement. “As I’ve said before, alcohol and COVID don’t mix well. I’m asking everyone to be responsible and safe if they celebrate Halloween or Homecoming that weekend.”

There is no Public Health-mandated ban or limits on public gatherings, but officials are still urging caution for anyone planning to go out, including avoiding crowded spaces and maintaining physical distance when possible, and getting vaccinated to prevent severe COVID symptoms.

Freakfest 2020 was also canceled due to coronavirus concerns, with house parties and other indoor gatherings of more than 10 people also being banned due to Public Health orders at the time.