City of Madison accepted into Food Matters Initiative

National survey reveals just how much food is wasted at home
American Dairy Association Mideast
A new survey by the American Dairy Association Mideast finds that 94% of Americans say they throw away food at home. Experts say a few easy changes can help families cutdown on food waste, easing the burden on the environment and their wallets.

MADISON, Wis. — The City of Madison announced Wednesday that it has been accepted into the Great Lakes Cohort of the Natural Resources Defense Council’s Food Matters Initiative.

According to a news release, the NRDC has partnered with cities to achieve reductions in food waste through policies and programs.

The Great Lakes cohort is the third cohort in the initiative, also including Chicago, Cincinnati, Detroit, and a group in central Ohio.

“The City of Madison is committed to advancing a healthy and equitable food system,” said Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway in a statement. “Participating in the Food Matters cohort will help us advance our sustainability, racial equity, and healthy community goals.”

The City of Madison Sid it already collect around 10,000 tons of food scraps annually, while food waste makes up more than 20% of the waste streams entering Dane County’s landfill.

The City’s Sustainable Madison Committee will also launch a Zero Waste working group to align the projects within the community.