City of Beloit to start Quality of Life phone survey next week

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BELOIT, Wis. — The City of Beloit will conduct a Quality of Life survey beginning next week.

Residents may receive a call from a polling firm asking how they feel about life in Beloit. Answers will impact how the city makes decisions moving forward.

The survey is funded by Quint and Rishy Struder and will show how residents feel about employment opportunities, economic growth, and education in Beloit.

“Almost every community says that their main goal is to provide a great quality of life for their residents,” Quint Struder said. “Yet very few cities actually measure it.”

The survey will begin on January 24, and participants will be randomly selected from people living in the 53511 zip code. Calls will come from a 608 number, and multiple attempts will be made throughout the day to make contact. Pollsters will not leave a voicemail.