City: If Mifflin 2012 Fails, Party’s Over

If the Mifflin Street Block Party does not work this year, city officials said they will shut it down.

The news came from a Mifflin neighborhood meeting at the Madison Senior Center on Tuesday night.

City officials said that they will eliminate bands and DJs at this year’s party, but most other changes are behind the scenes.

Resident were warned party-goers will get a hefty fine for drinking alcohol on the streets.

Last year, the party ended with two stabbings, several fights and three injured police officers.

Madison police said the block party’s location needs to change.

“We move those same 10,000 people to balconies and curbs and alleys, and it’s not done safely,” said Lt. Dave McCaw. “Part of this is just environmental. It’s not done safely.”

The May 5 event is even getting the theme “Mifflin Now, Mifflin Forever,” to warn party-goers to be on their best behavior, or lose the party.