Church hosts drive-in services, members tune-in to sermons

JOHNSON CREEK, Wis.– Sitting in the car with the radio on isn’t typically accepted during church on Sundays, but one congregation is doing just that in order to hold services while keeping their social distance.

St. John’s Lutheran Church will hold services in style of a drive-in movie theater for the forseeable future. Church members put their cars in park and tuned their radios to a low-frequency FM station, where they could hear Pastor Dale Vlastnik’s sermon of the week.

“Since I’ve served here, this parking lot has reminded me of a drive-in movie theater I used to go to as a boy,” Vlastnik said. “We will worship together, and as best we can, we will have fellowship together.”

Vlastnik led the congregation is praying for those facing the coronavirus.

“Grant our leaders wisdom. Give patience and compassion to healthcare workers. Protect the most vulnerable among us, and guide each of us to make good decisions for our families, workplaces and communities,” Vlastnik said.

Vlastnik left everyone with a special message for his church members and for those who couldn’t make it.

“Loving our neighbors as we love ourselves looks a little different in this day and age. So, as people of god, as people of faith, we are going to make mistakes, but if we are going to make mistakes, we are going to try and make mistakes on the side of love,” Vlastnik said.

Vlastnik said services could continue like this for as long as gathering restrictions are in place. He said the church also has the capability to livestream and will post devotions online.