Chemical leak leads to evacuation of Research Park lab

MADISON, Wis. — The Madison Fire Department says a chemical leak and vapors led to the evacuation of a laboratory on Madison’s west side earlier this week.

Officials with the fire department say a container holding a toxic and flammable chemical was compromised, causing a leak and prompting hazmat teams to respond to the lab on the 5600 block of Research Park Blvd. on Tuesday morning.

The building was evacuated after vapors from the chemical reportedly entered the ventilation system, wafting through the hallways and another floor in the building.

Firefighters with Ladder Co. 2 were among the first on the scene and activated the building’s fire alarm to make sure everyone left the building as they continued to gather information about the leak and the fire department’s Hazardous Incident Team was called to respond.

The department says on-site chemists at the lab were able to contain the chemical leak before MFD’s Hazardous Incident Team got into the building. The team then isolated the areas where chemical leaks and spills had been found before the building was released back to on-site staff for cleanup of the spill.

Madison fire officials say nobody in the building reported any illnesses from the spill or the fumes that spread through the building.