Chemical found at Beaver Dam apartment is explosive TATP, health official says

Officials believe fire will consume explosive
Chemical found at Beaver Dam apartment is explosive TATP, health official says

The chemical found in a Beaver Dam apartment is the explosive TATP, News 3 has learned.

Robert Thiboldeaux, Senior Toxicologist with the Wisconsin Division of Public Health told News 3 that first responders on scene in Beaver Dam have shared that the explosive triacetone triperoxide , also known as TATP, is what was found in the Knaup Drive apartment building.

“We’ve been told that the explosive TATP was found on site,” Thiboldeaux said in an interview Tuesday. “There was a person occupying one of these apartments that was doing something with this material. Local first responders got involved and at that point they’ve decided that they can’t safely remove this material.”

When asked at a news conference Tuesday afternoon, Beaver Dam fire chief Alan Mannel said he could not confirm that TATP was on scene and Beaver Dam police chief John Kreuziger told News 3 he couldn’t discuss what was inside the building.

Thiboldeaux say the explosive is highly sensitive to being moved or tested in the field.

Officials in Dodge County have said they believe the chemicals found in the apartment can only be eliminated by burning the building down . That burn was scheduled for Wednesday, but was moved to Thursday because of concerns about high winds. Thiboldeaux tells News 3 that state fire-fighting experts believe there will be no unusual hazards to the public in the air.

“The explosive itself, we expect that to be consumed in the fire. So that’s not really an issue,” Thiboldeaux said. “The issue really is this will be a fire that produces smoke just like any other building fire.”

Thiboldeaux says the public should follow instructions of the fire department, and those with pre-existing conditions should check with the Dodge County Health Department or their doctor to see about any concerns for exposure to smoke.

Thiboldeaux also tells News 3 the Environmental Protection Agency will be on hand to monitor the air and clear residents in Beaver Dam to return to apartments in the area.

TATP was reportedly used in the bombs in the Paris attack in 2015, and New York Central Park explosion in 2016 , according to published reports.

Officials in Beaver Dam have said they believe there is no link to terrorism .