Charlie’s on Main to close its doors after five years

The kitchen at Charlie's will close Oct. 16
pot of jambalaya
Photo by Parry Heide

After five years in Oregon, Chef Dave Heide is closing the doors of his restaurant Charlie’s On Main.

Heide, who runs the restaurant with his family along with Liliana’s in Fitchburg, says in a Facebook post they may do a couple pop-ups here and there, but the kitchen will be closed Oct. 16 and will be out of the building at the end of October.

Charlie’s On Main specializes in Wisconsin pub fare and has a 1930s vibe, including an underground speakeasy.

“We have said since the beginning of COVID that we were going to keep our dining rooms closed no matter the financial burden, to keep you and our staff safe, until the rates of infection had dropped consistently for two weeks straight,” Heide says. “Well it has been almost 6 months now, and we haven’t hit that once. In fact it is still spiking and hitting new highs almost every day.”

Charlie’s on Main has stayed completely closed since the start of the pandemic. Heide says they continued to pay all of the kitchen team and more than half of the bartenders and servers throughout the pandemic and are now out of funds.

He says Charlie’s was making $20,000 a week in sales to the last week it only made $2,000.

“As much as I would love to keep it open and hope to make it back up I just don’t see an end to this in the near future,” Heide says. “We are out of any support money from the government, and are now losing over $3000 a week.”

Heide says they plan to be open this week for carryout and possibly next week depending on sales. He asks customers to support Charlie’s while it’s open, and then after that support Liliana’s.

Throughout the pandemic, Heide has coordinated the Nom Nom Nom Kit to support local farmers and local chefs. At Liliana’s and Charlie’s on Main, he also has offered give-a-soup donations to help hungry people and families in need.

“Thank you everyone for the amazing memories, the amazing community, and the amazing friendships. I will miss seeing all of you, but it is really the only option I have left,” Heide says.

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Posted by Dave Heide on Tuesday, September 22, 2020