‘Charity starts at home’: Cazenovia community helps local mail carrier

Every day Sam Litty delivers over 400 packages on his 125-mile rural route for the Cazenovia Postal Office.

“I’ve been hauling mail here out of this post office for 32 years,” Litty said. “I pretty much know everybody or they know me.”

Litty’s service doesn’t end with the work hours. Friends and family said he cares deeply for other community members.

“I just do it. I never thought about it. Somebody needs something, we just do it. It’s what we do,” Litty said.

Samantha Litty said, “Charity starts at home” is a motto she has seen her father live by.

“You have to help your family and your community whenever you can, however you can and I know that is what he has done my whole life,” Litty said.

Sam Litty continues to bring his community their mail, even after he was diagnosed with cancer for the second time.

“They have been running tests and finding out the diagnosis,” Litty said. “We are still doing tests, but they’re talking surgery within the next four weeks.”

Litty’s friends determined now is the time for them to switch roles and take care of him.

“They are going through so much on their own that it is so nice to know that other people care and that there is someone there for them,” Teri Benning, a friend, said.

Nearly all of Cazenovia, a village of 318 people, supported Litty at a benefit auction today. He was surprised by the number of people who came.

Nearly the ENTIRE Village of Cazenovia showed up to support Sam Litty, a local mailman with cancer. Everything up for auction was donated. (Yes, even that large flamingo.) All proceeds will go to Sam’s family. #News3Now pic.twitter.com/G8p6uMgQe0

— Gabriella Bachara (@GabbyBachara) October 27, 2019

“I never expected anything like this,” Litty said. “When they asked me about doing a benefit, I originally told them no. You can see how well they listened.”

His daughter flew in from Germany to be with the family today.

“He just didn’t seem to be in the best of spirits on Sunday, and I thought it would be a really great thing if I could surprise them and come home,” Samantha Litty said.

Litty said she is comforted by the community’s support for her father during this time.

“I know that they’re not alone in all of this and that has made it a lot easier for me to be far away and not able to be with the,” Litty said.

Sam Litty is planning to retire from the Cazenovia Postal Office at the end of January.

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