Celebration of Midwinter Traditions focuses on experiences over consumerism


DODGEVILLE, Wis. — The Folklore Village is celebrating its 72nd Festival of Christmas and Midwinter Traditions. The village’s executive director, Terri VanOrman, said the festival teaches about the benefits of having experiences, while letting go of consumerism.

The village celebrates a variety of ethnic traditions across a variety of mediums. such as painting, singing and dance.

“I think it’s a much richer experience when you’re sharing a learning experience, a celebrating experience, with other people, than when you’re just getting a thing that somebody went and got at the mall,” VanOrman said.

VanOrman said it’s more impactful to share an experience than share a purchase, and that experiences create bonds.

The five-day celebration ends January 1. On New Year’s Eve, the village will have a celebratory festival with events reaching late into the early morning. VanOrman said anyone is welcome to participate, regardless of religious belief. The village does not celebrate any particular religion.

For those who aren’t able to make the festival, the village offers classes throughout the year.