Celebration in Columbus disrupted by wayward skydiver

Man breaks finger during rough landing

Some skydivers got quite a scare Saturday morning when one of their fellow daredevils took a hard fall from 4,000 feet above.

The incident happened just outside of Columbus.

The 50th anniversary celebration of the group Seven Hills Skydivers was disrupted when a man’s back-up parachute and his regular one deployed at the same time, which made for a rough landing on the ground.

The man was flown to UW Hospital under protocol.

Those at the scene said the experienced skydiver has jumped out of a plane about 1,900 times. And they didn’t anticipate that the incident would have a great effect on his future skydiving plans.

“It’s kind of like a lot of adrenaline sports, you know,” said Seven Hills Skydivers president Jamie Kedley. “And we’re very, very safe as far as our student training goes. The parachutes are like driving a bus. The parachute he was jumping was like driving a corvette.”


“It is an inherently dangerous sport,” said fellow skydiver Adam Elkin. “You’re jumping out of a plane, but we take risks as well as we can here.”

The skydiver who was injured suffered a broken finger.