Celebrate richness, influence of Hispanic heritage

Celebrate richness, influence of Hispanic heritage

I did a Google search of images for National Hispanic Heritage Month and I have never seen such a variety of images for any special month.

How appropriate. Hispanic heritage has a richness and breadth of influence few cultures can match. And how fortunate are we to have so many represented here in Dane County.

Actually many of the images remind me of the walls of Centro Hispano, the welcoming center of the Hispanic/Latino communities on Badger Road.

Centro is undergoing a needed remodeling, which is appropriate to its growing influence and outreach. Dane County’s Hispanic population continues to grow to our great benefit as immigrant families boost our economy and contribute to the diversity at the heart of our quality of life.

This Wednesday, Mexico’s Consul Julian Adem Diaz de Leon will be the guest speaker at the La Movida and Latino Chamber of Commerce’s annual Hispanic Heritage Month Luncheon, and together we will celebrate one of the world’s great heritages in the community we share.