Celebrate our ‘independents’ this week by buying local

Independents week celebrates locally owned, operated businesses

We admit it: we think it’s clever that Dane Buy Local uses the opportunity of the July 4th holiday to celebrate “Independents” Week.

It’s a play on words too good to pass up. But we also think it’s smart, to remind us of the value of “going local,” by supporting our independent businesses and their contributions to our communities.

For 10 days, beginning Friday, Dane Buy Local and its member businesses will be holding activities and in-store promotions to raise awareness of the importance of thinking first of the businesses and products operated and made by our neighbors, our friends, perhaps our families, and how the money spent is money invested right here.

It stays here and helps support other local businesses. It also creates the uniqueness and character of the place where we live and work.

Go to danebuylocal.com for a list of activities. And Happy Independents Week.