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Dozens killed in Istanbul attack

Turkish authorities said Wednesday they have identified the gunman who killed 39 people in the New Year's nightclub terror attack in Istanbul.

World welcomes 2017

As the world rings in 2017, check out the celebrations from around the globe.

Biggest news stories of 2016

From the presidential election to terror attacks to natural disasters, check out the news stories that captivated the nation and the world in 2016.

2016 Nobel Prize winners

Two professors, one from MIT and one from Harvard, were announced as the winners of the Nobel Prize in economics on Monday by the Royal Academy of Sciences in Stockholm, Sweden. Here is a list of Nobel Prize winners for 2016.

Bulgaria: Train derails, causes fatal explosion

A cargo train carrying propane-butane derailed and exploded early Saturday in a northeastern Bulgarian village, killing five people and injuring at least 27, the country's Interior Ministry said.

Italy's referendum: A nightmare scenario in the heart of Europe

First there was Brexit, then Donald Trump. Will Italy deliver the next shock to the political establishment?Italians will vote Sunday in a crucial referendum that could -- in one nightmare scenario -- force the prime minister's resignation, spark a banking…

Hurricane Otto kills 3 in Panama

Three people in Panama have died and four are missing as Hurricane Otto approaches Central America, Panamanian President Juan Carlos Varela told reporters Tuesday.

Top cities for vegans

The vegan lifestyle--a practice dating back to ancient times--is certainly on the rise today. Animal advocates PETA even declared 2016 "#TheYearOfTheVegan." In wake of PETA's declaration, CNN put together its top picks for the most vegan-friendly cities throughout the world.