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Storm could bring thunder on Christmas

Rain expected Sunday night

Christmas Day travel will be soggy across the entire state, with rain developing by the afternoon and continuing into Sunday night.

Assembly committee OKs Doe leaks probe

The state Assembly has authorized Attorney General Brad Schimel to investigate how evidence collected during a secret investigation into Republican Gov. Scott Walker's recall campaign leaked to a newspaper.

Wisconsin Republicans eye splitting up DNR

Republicans in control of the Wisconsin state Legislature are considering splitting up the Department of Natural Resources, scattering parks, forestry, environmental, hunting and fishing programs among three existing agencies and two new ones.

'One Ash Tree' ties the past to new Spring Green church

Old tree becomes centerpiece of a new church

When a fire destroyed 147 years of a Cornerstone church's history on Nov. 14, 2015, left standing was a 33-foot-tall ash tree.  Planted the same year the Cornerstone Church was built, it stood watch over the entrance.  Over the years, the old ash tree had become weakened as the base of the trunk had became hollow.  To make room for a new church and for safety reasons, the old ash tree had to be removed.

Police seeing more fake guns that put lives at risk

Real and fake guns look very similar

Police are seeing more fake guns that look very much like a real gun, and from a distance it can be nearly impossible for a law enforcement officer to determine if a suspect is holding a real gun or a fake.