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Judge denies deadbeat dad's estate claim

A Milwaukee County judge says a man who abandoned his child at age 5 is not entitled to collect any money from a settlement in his son's wrongful death 20 years later.

Politicians mourn the loss of Aretha Franklin

President Donald Trump and other politicians were among the many mourning the loss of legendary singer Aretha Franklin Thursday and paying tribute to the storied legacy of the "Queen of Soul".

Critics slam Vatican's 'disturbing' silence on abuse cover-ups

In July, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro wrote a personal letter to Pope Francis, warning him that "a comprehensive investigation" by his office had found "widespread sexual abuse of children and a systemic coverup by leaders of the Catholic Church."

Kim Jong Nam trial: Lawyers must mount defense

Two women charged with murdering Kim Jong Nam, the half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, will remain in custody as their lawyers mount a defense against the prosecution's claims.