Time for Kids

Here's how you take the #BeYou pledge!

Are you proud of the person you are? Do you celebrate your uniqueness? Are you encouraging your friends to be themselves as well? Then, take the #BeYou pledge and ask others to do the same!

The #BeYou impact on a child's development

The goal of the Time For Kids #BeYou campaign is to empower children and adolescents to have confidence in themselves. Self-expression, or the act of portraying ideas, thoughts and feelings, is a major part of that. And self-expression is crucial to one's development.

Verona cheerleaders introduce #BeYou cheer

Verona High School's cheerleading team started its season in an unconventional way.  Maria Carvalho came to practice, sat the young ladies down in a circle and asked them to say one thing that makes them proud about themselves.

Help kids #BeYou in the new school year

Going back to school, or heading there for the first time, can be exciting but also stressful. Kids get to see their friends and meet new teachers, but some might also be feeling social pressures.