911 dispatchers slammed with calls about QAnon-backed false claims about wildfires

Authorities in Oregon are pleading with the public to only trust and share information verified by official sources about the unprecedented wildfires sweeping the state. The pleas come as law enforcement agencies described 911 dispatchers being overrun with calls about a false online rumor that "Antifa" members had been arrested for setting the fires — a claim promoted by the anonymous account behind the QAnon conspiracy theories.

Republicans are flooding the internet with deceptive videos and Big Tech isn't keeping up

A series of deceptively edited and misleading videos shared by prominent Republicans have run up millions of views across Facebook and Twitter in just the past few days. And while both companies have pledged to combat misinformation, their responses to these videos followed a familiar pattern: often they act too late, do too little, or don't anything at all.

Want an Uber? You may have to send a masked selfie first

Since mid-May, Uber has required drivers to take selfies to verify they are wearing a mask or face covering before they are able to pick up riders. Soon, certain riders will also be required to take a selfie prior to ordering a ride.

Elon Musk shows off a working brain implant — in pigs

Elon Musk promised that he'd show a working demo of his latest technology moonshot, a new kind of implantable chip for the brain, on Friday. And he did, but it wasn't with a human subject: Rather, it was with a pig named Gertrude.

Amazon's new wearable will judge your tone

Amazon has tried to make its services and products an indispensable part of people's day, from putting its Alexa voice assistant everywhere to selling virtually everything on In the process, it's collected mountains of data.