More Wisconsinites using phone subsidies

The number of low-income people using phone and Internet subsidies has grown significantly in Wisconsin, according to state offiicals.State regulators speculate that increased awareness about the subsidies and continued struggles with the economy are the primary reasons participation grew nearly 50 percent from 2010 to 2011.

Webcam makes hawk family worldwide sensation

Five red-tailed hawks in Wisconsin have become worldwide reality stars.Two parents and three chicks live in a nest on a ledge at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.School officials set up a webcam last month, thinking the local community might enjoy watching the chicks develop. However, bird enthusiasts began sharing the web link, and now thousands of viewers are logging on every day from across the U.S., Europe and Asia.The webcam provides a crystal-clear view of the nest and the downy-covered chicks. One or both parents are usually in the frame as well. If they're lucky, viewers might catch a glimpse of the parents serving up mice, rabbits or squirrels.UW-Madison information-technology worker John Lalande said he's pleasantly surprised by how popular the webcam has become.To see hawks, visit this website.

State warns business, government about scam

Business and city government officers around the state have received fake invoices for a "telecom maintenance agreement," and state officials are warning other businesses about the practice.

Gadget Guy: Cell Ranger Port

A new product called Cell Ranger Port aims to cut down on cellular signal frustrations without breaking the bank.

Gadget Guy: Eye-Fi Explore

How long do your pictures sit in your digital camera before finally making it onto your computer? What if you never had to worry about transferring them at all? Well now you can with a gadget called the Eye-Fi Explore. VIDEO: Watch The Report