Ring, Amazon sued by man who says hacker bothered his kids

A man is suing doorbell maker Ring and its parent company, Amazon, after he says a hacker communicated with his children over the internet-connected camera he had bought as "additional security" for his family. In a lawsuit seeking class-action status, John Baker Orange of Alabama said his three kids, ages 7, 9 and 10, were playing basketball when they heard someone comment about their play. ...

Make your smart home safe, secure

About 10 million American households are expected to add smart home technology in 2017, according to market analysts, which is a sizeable jump from previous years.

UW-Madison Twitter account hacked

Someone hacked into the University of Wisconsin-Madison's main Twitter account Wednesday and sent out a couple of profane messages,university officials confirmed. 

Consumer Reports: iPhone turns 10

It's been 10 years since Apple introduced the original iPhone. Now more than a billion have been sold and there are more than 2 million apps. Consumer Reports takes a look at how the iPhone changed how we communicate.

The Spam Report: Day #254: "Attention please"

At my kids' school, they discuss the concept of being a "community helper." Police officers, doctors, nurses, teachers, they all fit into that description, but as I've told my children, there's nothing stopping any of us from being a community helper.

The Spam Report: Day #243: Print your airline tickets

I present to you today another example of how we can fight back against the spam/scam out there. Every day, I'm heartened to hear of another consumer who took the step to verify, to check something out, so as not to be scammed.

The Spam Report: Day #239: "My purpose"

I have lived an unbelievably fortunate life. Case in point, my first job out of graduate school in 1991, I lucked into a position with CBS News in London as an "Assistant to the Chief Researcher." My good fortune continued when, after a week of my being there, the Chief Researcher got appendicitis and due to English health care laws, he was basically out for the next six months. 

Contest to award Madison startup business $100,000

Rolling his "Rise of the Rest" entrepreneur road tour into Madison on Sunday, former America Online CEO Steve Case said the city's rising young, university-led talent pool inspired his visit to eventually award one start-up $100,000 to grow their business.

The Spam Report: Day #215: "Transaction #"

Throughout the course of asking you for help in warning your neighbors against predatory spam/scam emails, I've been lucky enough to have repeat customers, if you will. Folks who unfortunately receive lots of this kind of correspondence and have sent it my way to feature.