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Lewandowski again shops book

Corey Lewandowski, the former Donald Trump campaign manager, is shopping a book to publishers, three people familiar with the matter told CNN on Monday.

Congressman introduces 'COVFEFE Act'

While the political world and late-night comedians still debate what "covfefe" means, at least one member of Congress is aiming to establish what it stands for.

Melania Trump settles in and looks forward

President Donald Trump stepped off Marine One Sunday, followed by son, Barron, and wife, Melania. The couple held hands as they walked across the White House's South Lawn on the warm June evening, the President waving to cameras assembled before guiding his wife into the private residence.

Everything you need to know about Puerto Rico's possible statehood

Could Puerto Rico become the 51st US state? That's the question of the day after Puerto Ricans voted overwhelmingly for statehood during a nonbinding weekend referendum. There are a few catches, though: Only 23% of eligible citizens voted, and, well, there's plenty of red tape on the way to becoming a state. Here are the basics: