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UW Health doctor answers man-on-the-street questions about COVID-19

Dr. Jeff Pothof stood on State Street to answer people's questions about the virus

There are still many lingering questions about COVID-19. Dr. Jeff Pothof at UW Health stood on State Street again to answer as many man-on-the-street questions as he could about the virus. 

'They work for us. They need to answer to us': Letter demands certain qualities be met in hiring new Madison police chief

Within 48 hours of publication, the letter has around 500 signatures and counting

In a near 17-page letter to the Madison Police and Fire Commission, community groups criticize interim Police Chief Vic Wahl and the police department saying they have a history of anti-blackness. The letter asks that the selection of the new chief needs to be carefully thought out and involve a heavy amount of public input.