White House press charter plane delayed by cicadas

The White House press charter plane scheduled to leave Washington on Tuesday evening ahead of Joe Biden's first trip abroad as president has been delayed by cicadas, the noisy insects that have emerged after their nearly two decades of slumber.

Meet the Pet of the Week: Meeka

Today's pet for adoption at the Dane County Humane Society is Meeka, a two-year-old female pit bull terrier. She comes from Alabama and is looking forward to seeing the fabulous sights of Madison with her new family members.

Biden administration plans to undo Trump-era curbs to Endangered Species Act protections

The Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which the National Marine Fisheries Service is a part of, said in Friday's announcement that they will target five specific regulations, and their plan includes recommendations to rescind certain critical habitat regulations, as well as to reinstate some protections for species listed as "threatened" under the act.

Meet the Pet of the Week: Annie

If you are looking for a new house pet that you would love to shower with treats, toys and affection, you may consider adopting Annie, a domestic shorthair cat from the Dane County Humane Society.