Meet the Pet of the Week: Nala

This week's Pet of the Week is Nala. This 5-year-old Australian Cattle Dog mix likes to snuggle and is looking for an active family.

“Paws-ing” to plan: How you can ensure your pet’s future well-being with pet trust planning

Our pets aren’t just companion animals. They’re treasured friends, and even beloved family members. While it’s never fun or pleasant to think about what will happen to them if the worst should happen to us, it’s very important to consider how we can ensure they are well cared for when and if we are no longer able to care for them ourselves. Thankfully, creating a solid plan through a pet trust can help give us peace of mind.

30 foods that are poisonous to dogs

Given how much time we spend with our four-legged companions, it's natural to assume they can eat with us, too. However, some human food can be dangerous for dogs.

Top 5 pet new year's resolutions for 2022

The new year is upon us.  It's time to take a look back on the past year and determine what we might want to change, do better or accomplish in 2022.  For pet parents, much of this reflection applies to the lives they share with their pets.