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Thanksgiving gas prices are the highest ever recorded, AAA says

Gas prices have dropped significantly in the last week, but are still at record highs for the holiday

As many people get ready to drive to get-togethers with family and friends for Thanksgiving, gas prices are significantly higher than they were this time last year, but still lower than they have been in recent weeks.

Inflation puts tighter squeeze on already pricey kids sports

Sticker shock in youth sports is nothing new, but the onslaught of double-digit inflation across America this year has added a costly wrinkle on the path to the ballparks, swimming pools and dance studios across America. It has forced some families to scale back the number of seasons, or leagues, or sports that their kids can play in any given year, while motivating league organizers to become more creative in devising ways to keep prices down and participation up. Everyone from football coaches to swim-meet coordinators are struggling to to find less-expensive ways of keeping families coming through the doors.

What now? How to plan a guide for uncertain financial times

As families try to figure out how they'll juggle work and childcare as the pandemic continues, Christine Whelan, director of the Money, Relationships and Equality Initiative at UW-Madison, shares information about some free resources that could make the uncertain financial time a bit more manageable.

Tax season is here, but with that comes scammers. How to avoid becoming a victim

Filing your taxes early lessens the opportunities for scammers to steal your identity and claim your refunds

Tax season is here and unfortunately, some people will become victims of a scam. Most people don't realize they're victims until they try to file their taxes and get a notification from the IRS saying there is a duplicate social security number that was already used. 

Tax season starts today

Today is the first day you can file your taxes

Today is the first day you can file your taxes. This is the second tax filing season under President Donald Trump's tax law.