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News 3 Now packs the truck with coats

You can donate winter coats for children in need

MADISON, Wis. -- News 3 Now is packing the truck, to help get winter coats to children in need. This year, the goal is to donate 6,000 coats. You can help by dropping…

COVID cases double among Wisconsin children

Children aged 9-13 reported over 15 hundred cases

MADISON, Wis. -- Preliminary data from the DHS shows COVID cases have doubled among Wisconsin children. Children aged 9-13 reported over 15 hundred cases, children aged 14-17 reported nearly 14…

Local company leaps in to help Sennett Middle School

Swan Leap, a local shipping company, donated extra water bottles to the school

MADISON, Wis. -- A local company is leaping in to help Sennett Middle School. The school posted on Facebook that it had given out all 600…

MMSD spokesperson says spike in COVID cases is expected

According to a Madison Metropolitan spokesperson the reported districtwide increase in positive COVID cases was expected and the hundreds of staff and students required to quarantine is more of precaution than cause for concern.

UW starting new genetic disease clinic

A new collaboration between UW Health, the Waisman Center and the UW School of Medicine and Public Health is trying to better understand rare genetic diseases.