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Lisa shares jack-o'-lantern ideas

Are you tired of the same old jack-o'-lantern? It's time to mix things up. Lisa Briggs from the Bruce Company is here with some unique ideas for you to try.

'Curd Nerd' named

You may not know it, but today is National Cheese Curd Day! To celebrate, EatStreet is revealing who will be its Curd Nerd!

Sous vide recipes

Here to tell us more about sous vide is Angie Horkin from the Wisconsin Beef Council.

Consumer Reports: Is my phone listening to me?

The stories seem to get more and more creepy when it comes to how much our smartphones and devices know about us. Consumer Reports reveals how this technology works, and what you can do to stop it.

Congressman Mark Pocan

Congress returns to work in Washington tomorrow after a two-week break. Impeachment may be top of mind in D.C., but members still have plenty of other topics to address.

Re-scan your TV next Friday, Oct. 18th

On Friday, Oct. 18, the WISC-TV signal is moving to a new frequency. Viewers who watch us via antenna will need to re-scan their TV to continue watching us.

Consumer Reports: How to eat less plastic

Many of us are eating, drinking and breathing tiny little pieces of plastic on a regular basis. Microplastics are a byproduct of the more than eight billion tons of plastic produced, mostly since the 1950s. They're ending up in our food, our water and the air. Consumer Reports reveals more about how this may be affecting our health and the steps we can take to eat less plastic.

Overcoming the imposter syndrome

Research suggests that 70% of people experience "imposter syndrome" at one point in their lives. It's the feeling of inadequacy and self-doubt that persists despite evidence of success. It happens to both men and women and frequently occurs when you're going for a goal outside of your comfort zone. UW Health distinguished psychologist Shilagh Mirgain is back with us.