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2nd annual Madison Fitness Week starts Sunday

The second annual Madison Fitness Week kicks off on Sunday with the purchase of a 25 dollar ticket. You can try as many fitness studios in Madison as you want for one week, and the majority of ticket sales go to the United Way of Dane County. Fitness Week was founded by Kellian Kiron, who owns The Barre Code in Madison.

Preventing deadly falls in older adults

September is Falls Prevention Month. According to the CDC, Wisconsin has the highest rate of fall-related deaths in the U.S. - more than twice the national rate. Dr. Ann O'Rourke is the medical director of the UW-Hospital Level 1 Adult Trauma Center.

Grieving the losses of life

In every life, there is loss at some point. Whether it's the loss of a job, a loved one or dealing with a serious illness, we don't do grieving very well in our culture. There are healthy and effective ways to grieve to come to terms with loss. UW-Health distinguished psychologist Shilagh Mirgain joins Mark and Susan to discuss these ways.

Telehealth program boosts diabetic eye screening

Patients at Mile Bluff Center in Mauston can walk in and have a retinal photograph taken in a matter of minutes. Dr. Yao Liu is an assistant professor of opthalmology at the UW School of Medicine.

Backstage with Bruno: 'Fake Mom'

The Kathie Rasmussen Women's Theatre, or Krass, is dedicated to fostering women playwrights and directors. Its latest project is called "Fake Mom," and it hits the stage for its world premiere next weekend. Our Michael Bruno goes backstage for a preview.