Donna's Crab Cakes

This recipe is from Donna's new cookbook - The Easy-to-Swallow, Easy-to-Chew Cookbook. A special treat but very easy to make.

Donna's Apple Cake

You will love this super moist, wonderfully flavored cake. It is very hard to eat just one piece!

Donna's Cream Puffs

I remember going to the Wisconsin State Fair when I was a child and we always stood in a long line to get cream puffs. They were made with real whipped cream. This recipe uses a custard that tastes so creamy and wonderful but is almost fat-free.

Donna's Plum Coffee Cake

This is an old German recipe that is impressive if served at the table or on a buffet. It is absolutely beautiful.

Donna's Peach, Avocado, and Red Pepper Salsa

This is a beautiful combination of colors and flavors. Serve it with fish, poultry, or pork. The leftovers can be combined with fresh spinach leaves to make a wonderful summer salad.