Donna's Asian Cabbage Slaw

This is a zippy tasting cole slaw. It has enough seasoning that it can be made with fat-free or low-fat mayonnaise. Note the calorie differences with the various mayonnaises.

Donna's Cranberry Pecan Couscous

You will be attracted by the colorful cranberries in this salad and you will be surprised by the subtle flavor from the dressing. Add the crunchy nuts and you have a winning recipe.

Donna's Strawberries Romanoff

I enjoyed this elegant dessert recently in a French restaurant. I loved it, but it was high in fat and calories. I adapted it and made it with fat-free sour cream and less sugar. Now it not only tastes wonderful, but it is low in calories too.

Donna's Strawberry, Walnut And Feta Salad

When strawberries are in season, this salad is a special healthy taste treat. You will love the dressing and the colorful combination of fresh greens, red strawberries and crunchy nuts.