Donna's Rhubarb Sauce

Spring is here when the rhubarb is ready to pick. Serve this as a dessert sauce or serve it over grilled chicken or pork. It is a calorie bargain when you make it with Splenda.

Donna's Ham And Asparagus Casserole

This is a great spring casserole that would be perfect to make the week after Easter. Use your leftover ham and hard boiled eggs and combine it with the new fresh asparagus.

Donna's Ham with Maple Syrup, Pineapple Ginger Sauce

Lean ham is a healthful choice for meat. It is a lean protein choice and has only 150 calories in a 4 ounce serving. This recipe makes a ham dinner special with the addition of a sweet ginger sauce to use in basting the ham and to serve on the side.

Donna's Spicy Seafood Rice

The combination of spices makes this a memorable meal. The flavor will change depending on the curry powder you choose.

Donna's Chicken California Style

The flavor is tangy with the mustard and balsamic vinegar. The artichokes, olives, and tomatoes give it that California healthy look.

Donna's Meat and Potatoes Skillet Dinner

This might be described as a real-man?s quiche. It has a meaty filling with southwestern seasoning in a potato crust. It is very attractive and colorful with the red tomatoes, black olive, and melted cheese. Blurb links here.