Donna's Best Brownies

There are a lot of brownie recipes but this one has become my favorite. The chocolate chips are divided. Some of the chips are melted in the batter and some are stirred in the batter without being melted.

Donna's Tuscan Pasta Spinach Salad

There are many health benefits to the Mediterranean diet which includes eating more vegetables, fish, olive oil, and nuts. You can eat the Mediterranean way with this healthful salad with lots of color and flavor. I prepared it for a Mediterranean cooking class and it received rave reviews.

Controversial H-Bomb Article Raised Profile Of Progressive Magazine

The journalist whose notorious 1979 article on the H-bomb secret thrust the Progressive magazine into the national spotlight is one of many speakers attending the magazine's 100th anniversary celebration in Madison this weekend. VIDEO: The Progressive Magazine Celebrates 100 Years Of Publishing

Doctor Shortage Looms In Wisconsin

There is a growing gap in the number of primary care doctors in Wisconsin and the actual need for such physicians. The gap is being labeled a crisis in health care and one that will soon affect all Wisconsin residents. VIDEO: Watch The Report

Family Members Prepare For National Guard Deployment In Texas

While several thousand Wisconsin National Guard soldiers currently training in Texas are weeks away from shipping out to Iraq, among them are a few soldiers who make up their own unique units. In two cases, there are members of the same family serving together. VIDEO: Watch The Report READ: Employers Support Soldiers During Training SLIDESHOW: See Photos Of 32nd Infantry Brigade Training At Fort Bliss (Vol. 1) SLIDESHOW: See Photos Of 32nd Infantry Brigade Training At Fort Bliss (Vol. 2) SLIDESHOW: See Photos Of 32nd Infantry Brigade Training At Fort Bliss (Vol. 3)

Donna's Mexican Chicken Chili

This is a great way to get two meals from a purchased rotisserie chicken. Cut off the breast meat and save it for another meal.

Donna's Irish Colcannon Soup

The Irish really know how to blend potatoes and cabbage to make a wonderful, mild flavored, comfort-food soup. The cabbage is a member of the cruciferous vegetable family which has some major cancer fighting nutrients.

Donna's Turkey Sausage, Bean And Potato Soup

The texture and flavor of this soup is really special. After Donna developed this recipe and served it to family and friends, her husband, who considers himself a "soup connoisseur," declared it his absolutely favorite soup.