Donna's Country Vegetable Soup

Use the best of the fall vegetables to make this great soup. There is a blend of unusual seasonings that gives it a fantastic flavor. Blurb links here.

Donna's Black Bean Brownies

These brownies are a real taste treat. They are surprisingly good brownies that are very low in fat. The beans provide extra nutrients and fiber. The oatmeal crust and topping is wonderful but does increase the calories.

Donna's Blueberry Burgers

What a unique way to make a burger better and healthier too! Use very lean ground beef and add a secret ingredient to make a delicious moist burger.

Donna's Blueberry Muffins

This is a great moist muffin with half of the sugar replaced by Splenda. This helps to reduce the carbohydrates and calories of the muffins.

Donna's Maple Mustard Grilled Chicken

This is so easy. No need to marinate ahead of time. Just brush on this flavorful sauce as the chicken is cooking on the grill. Serve with grilled potato salad.

Donna's Honey Mustard Chicken with Pecans

This recipe was developed to honor the Gold Medal winner in the World Mustard Contest in 2002 -- a honey mustard from Findlay Market in Cincinnati. Honey mustard is combined with apricot preserves and balsamic vinegar to make a wonderful caramelized sauce for chicken.