Neil Heinen

Heinen: Who's running this show?

Time to embrace the generational shift

This whole defining generations thing has intrigued me lately. WISC-TV and Madison Magazine Vice President and General Manager Tom Keeler has been watching it pretty carefully as well from a different perspective, and I’ve been really thinking about his statement.

Heinen: 23 opposing ideas to push ourselves

‘Let's see how many opposing ideas we can...

How many ideas can I hold in my mind at one time? How many can you hold? A wise person once defined intelligence as the ability to hold two opposing ideas in your mind at the same time. (A wise person without a smartphone, apparently.) The definition today must surely number half a dozen opposing ideas, or more. But perhaps that ability is about more than just intelligence. Perhaps it is also fundamental to our ability to live together.

Heinen: My playlist in 2015

'I found The Year in Music 2015 to be another...

'I found The Year in Music 2015 to be another wonderful experience of discovery old and new.'

Heinen: Bye to Oscar Mayer

Oscar Mayer was an American success story and...

Oscar Mayer was an American success story and its home was here.