Neil Heinen

How far we’ve come and still need to go in Madison

A lot of people who care about this city and region have been anticipating 2020 for what feels like a long time.

A lot of people who care about this city and region have been anticipating 2020 for what feels like a long time.

Heinen: The news stops for no one

Vacations are tricky in the news business

Vacations are tricky in the news business. News doesn’t take a vacation, so inevitably events occur while you’re gone causing you to regret not being able to respond until optimal timeliness has long passed.

Heinen: The power of words

Words have the ability to shape the world we live

I’ve long known that words have a uniquely powerful ability to shape how we view our lives and the world in which we live.

Heinen: An appreciation for Jen Cheatham

Cheatham is leaving Madison in August

My appreciation for Cheatham is similarly broad in scope, certainly much broader than the typical public perceptions portrayed in the media.

Heinen: In search of wisdom in our schools

I'm looking for wisdom and guidance

The recent incidents in our schools has further revealed the racism — both latent and blatant — in our society as a whole.

Madison is in the solution business

Localism is about problem solving

Localism is about problem solving, and cities are increasingly best situated to address the concerns we share as citizens.

Heinen: The kindness of strangers

I am writing this Nov. 7, a day after the election

I think sometimes that foreign travel provides those “kindness of strangers” experiences that make us appreciate the connection we have to one another in this world despite differences of language and culture.

Heinen: The power of art

"To all you one-hit wonders out there"

To all you one-hit wonders out there, I am in awe of your talent and your courage.

Heinen: It's more than just a game

Elements in athletics are profoundly troubling

There are elements of big time athletics, both college and pro, that are profoundly troubling and in jarring contrast to the simple joy of victory and agony of defeat.

Heinen: Stop playing me for a fool

Election season means emails inundate Heinen

Stop with all the emails, please. Talk about abusive political propaganda: I am inundated with it. And very likely you are, too.

Heinen: A 40-year lens of Madison

Magazine and city have changed in past 40 years

I moved to Madison in 1974, but I started my first job as a journalist, my career, in 1978, the year this publication became Madison Magazine.

Heinen: Support the work of citizens

The important challenge in America today.

I need to point out a critical motivational component of this editorial focus on the work of citizens, and that’s bridging the divides in our community, our state, our nation and our world.

Heinen: A less-cluttered mind to celebrate Madison

Madison is becoming a 'wonderful to all' city

In my now less-cluttered mind, these experiences demonstrate that Madison—mindful of its disparities—is becoming a “wonderful to all” city, I feel lucky to live here.

Heinen: Madison Community Foundation leaves a lasting legacy

The truth to MCF's new web name, Madison Gives

When I first heard the Madison Community Foundation was changing its web address—and to a degree, its identity—to Madison Gives, I was a little disarmed by its simplicity. But that’s its beauty isn’t it? Madison gives. Why not just say it?

Heinen: Stretching a little for long-term changes

Dave Baskerville advocates for 'Stretch Targets'

Dave Baskerville wants Wisconsin citizens to adopt two bipartisan, aggressive long-term goals—Stretch Targets—to address this situation, and to “grassroots pressure” leaders to act accordingly.