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Tillerson hits back at critics

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson hit back at critics, including lawmakers, who charge that he is hollowing out America's oldest government agency and undermining diplomacy at a time of deepening international crises.

Allred: To get yearbook, Senate must hold hearing on Moore

The attorney representing a woman who has accused Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore of sexual assault said Tuesday she'll hand over a key piece of evidence for third-party examination on the condition that the Senate holds a hearing over the accusations against Moore.

Schumer and Pelosi ditch Trump meeting

Democratic leaders announced Tuesday that they would not attend a previously scheduled meeting with President Donald Trump after the President tweeted Tuesday morning that the meeting likely wouldn't result in a deal about funding the government.

Obama to meet with China's Xi during 3-country trip

Former President Barack Obama embarks Tuesday on an five-day trip to China, India and France, where he will meet with many of his former counterparts, including Chinese President Xi Jinping, Obama's spokeswoman told CNN.

Scaramucci defends Trump's 'Pocahontas' swipe

Short-lived White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci defended on Tuesday President Donald Trump's racially charged swipe at Sen. Elizabeth Warren, saying it was justified in the context of their antagonistic relationship.

Roy Moore scandal timeline

The Washington Post alleged in early November 2017 that Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore initiated sexual encounters with underage women while Moore was in his 30s. Here is the latest on the Roy Moore scandal.

Will tax plan break Republican coalition?

Since Ronald Reagan was elected president in 1980, the Republican coalition has revolved around a delicate but durable balancing act. The ongoing drive to complete the GOP's tax bill will test whether that balance can endure under the heightened stress Donald Trump's presidency is imposing on it.

Crippled US destroyer damaged by transport ship

The USS Fitzgerald, a Navy destroyer that was damaged in June after a deadly collision with a cargo ship off the coast of Japan, suffered two punctures to its hull on Sunday while being loaded onto a transport ship destined for the US, according to the service.